Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to bounce during Open Bounce?
Regular admission pricing is for one hour of play and is as follows: $8 for ages 2 years and up, $6 for ages 1-2 years and $4 for ages under 1 year. You may also purchase additional time.

How many inflatables do you have?
At any one time, we have 4-7 bounce houses up! In addition, we regularly swap them out every so often to keep things fresh and exciting for the kids!

How does your cleaning process work?
Great question! We are proud to say that we are the cleanest indoor fun zone in the country! Not only do we Lysol all hand surfaces and handheld toys consistently, but also at the end of the day we hand wipe every surface of each bounce house with liquid Lysol! After everything is cleaned, we then go through with vacuums to remove any loose items, dust and hair.

What times are you open to the public?
We have Open Bounce on Monday through Friday from 10am-2pm and also Thursday & Friday evenings from 5-8pm as long as no private parties are booked. Our weekend Open Bounce hours change weekly due to customer demand and party bookings.  You can stay up to date with our public hours by visiting the website or “Liking” our Facebook page—we post the weekly hours on both!

How do I schedule a party?
It’s easy! Just give us a call or stop into the zone and we’d be happy to reserve your special day and time! For your convenience, you can also request and pay for your special event online though our Party Packages portion of the website! Please call us at 315.299.8096 if you have any questions about scheduling your next party!!

Do you accept deposits on your Birthday packages?
In an effort to ensure that our guests can be guaranteed their preferred party time slot, payment is due in full at the time of booking.

How many guests can I invite?
Up to 20 children are included in your party package.

What if I have more than 20 guests?
Additional guests are welcome! There is an additional charge for more than 20 children at a party.  The price of each additional child is dependent upon the type of package booked and is noted in the package details.  Adults do not count against your attendance numbers and are always free! We do ask that your party not exceed more than 35 children and 30-35 adults due to space restrictions.

What time should my guests and I arrive at the party?
We respectfully ask that no one—including party hosts—arrive more than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled event.

Do I need to stay for the duration of the party?
The party host is required to stay for the entire length of the party.  Other adults are also more than welcome to stay and enjoy the fun! It is up to the party host if adults can drop their children off and return to pick them up at the end of the party.

Is each guest—including adults—required to have a completed/signed waiver?
For insurance purposes, all guests must have a waiver completed and signed by a parent/guardian. For your convenience, family members aged 17 years or younger may be included on the same waiver. Additional waivers are available right on the website.

Are socks required?
Yes! For guests safety and enjoyment, socks are required on both adults AND children in the play area.  There are absolutely no shoes permitted past the entryway on anyone!

What type of safety instruction is provided?
We pride ourselves on safety.  Therefore we verbally tell each guest our few but crucial rules upon entry.  We also have signs posted on walls as well as the fronts of the bounce houses.

Will Live 2 Bounce provide supervision in the play area(s)?
No! Although we help keep an eye on making sure everyone is following house rules, you are 100% RESPONSIBLE for your children and anyone else listed on your waiver. This includes any payment for any damage done by any of your guests or children.

Can a guest play while wearing a cast?
In the interest of safety, any guest wearing a cast or other motion limiting medical device (ie. Splint, sling, or brace) will not be permitted to bounce in the inflatables. While we welcome them to attend any party and will not charge for their attendance, they will be prohibited from bouncing.

Is there a way to purchase additional bounce time for birthday parties?
Yes, but only for the last scheduled party of the day. Each additional half hour is $50.00+tax and a one week notice is required.

Can I spend more than the designated play time in the inflatable area?
Yes; but only during our last birthday of the day which is 5:30-7:30. Each additional ½ hour is $50.00+tax

Can The Birthday Guests go back into the inflatable’s after eating?
Because we’ve found that full tummies and bouncing don’t mix, bouncing is limited to the first 1 hour and 15 minutes. The remaining 45 minutes will be in our private party room where you and your guests will be enjoying food, cake and/or presents.

Will there be a Live 2 Bounce staff member available to assist me with our party?
Yes – a staff member will be on hand to assist you.  However, please understand that it is against party rules to verbally abuse, harass or degrade any employee.  Hosts will still be required to assist in serving food items with the help of an employee. We are here to offer a smooth and fun event.  Please keep in mind that each employee is heavily trained in the party process and know how to operate the party. 

Can I use my own decorations and/or paper products?
You’re more than welcome to! To preserve the integrity of our party room, we do not permit wall or ceiling decorations, silly sting, streamers, or confetti.  You’re also invited to bring any objects in the night before your event so we can have everything ready to go when you arrive!

Do you provide party room set up and clean up?
Absolutely! Our staff prides themselves in making sure your party is as enjoyable and stress free for you as possible. Just know that you are in good hands when it comes to the WOW factor.  We will even clean up afterwards.

Are gratuities (tips) appropriate?
Gratuities for our staff are always welcome for a job well done! It’s a great way to say "Thank You" for their wonderful assistance during your party.

What is the policy regarding food for the party?
If you are going to have pizza for your party, you must order it from us. We have delicious large pizzas and toppings available to order.

When should I order pizza?
About a week prior to your party you will receive a confirmation call from us. We will confirm party details with you, including your plans for food. At that time, we will take your pizza order.

Are there other food options?
Yes! We have partnered with Pita Pit on Marshall Street in Syracuse to provide another delicious food option. Pita Pit is offering a special discount to our party guests. Please provide us with your order at least one day ahead of time to ensure the pitas arrive on time and that you receive the discount.

Can I bring other snacks for my party?
Absolutely! We also have snacks available for purchase including granola bars, chips and fruit snacks.

Can I bring in my own drinks?
Of course! Small waters and juice boxes work best.  We provide a fridge right in the party room that you and your guests are welcome to use. We also have drinks available for purchase including bottled water, juice boxes, sports drinks and soda.
**For your safety and enjoyment, food and drinks are not permitted in the inflatables. Food may only be consumed in the party room.**

Can I bring my own goodie bags and/or balloons?
If you’re not purchasing one of our packages that include goodie bags, you are more than welcome to bring your own.  You may also bring in your own balloons and we’d be happy to fill them for $.75 each.  We do request that if you'd like your own balloons, please drop them off prior to the party so they can be prepared in advance.

Do you have any party packages that include food, drinks, and/or party favors?
Yes we do! To make life even easier for you, the Bounce & Munch package includes favors for each child to take home. The Bounce & Munch Supreme package also includes pizza, a drink & favors for the children.

Are there any additional items I need to bring to the party?
It is up to the host to provide a cake and candles.

What if I need to reschedule my party?
There is a $75 fee for rescheduling a party. We will reschedule to the next convenient date for you, but remember your party package is non-refundable (sorry—no exceptions)!!

We look forward to celebrating with you and your friends! If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 315.299.8096

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